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Webdesignbureau builds, maintains, restyles and produces efficient multimedia.
The implementation of our client's wishes is very important,
"They demand the best and they deserve it".

We work for small and middle size companies, clubs, foundations, organisations and
one-man business that think ahead of their future business and personal matters.

Underneath you see our basic package. For others websites services you can always ask us.


Personal Package:
-5 pages*
-maximum of 8 links to another websites
-three months guarantee
-only for €350**
-Do you want more pages? This cost only €35/page
This package is suitable for you digital CV or work promotion.

Business Package:
8 pages*
-maximum of 12 links to another websites
-three months guarantee
-only for €475**
-For just €35/page you can add your website's page.
This package is suitable for your company or organisation


*Per page max. 2 graphics (scanned) or digital photos provided by the client.
**All prices do not include tax.

Client will receive a copy of the website on CD-ROM.